Brexit and collapse of Executive point to a United Ireland

Above: anti-Brexit protest outside Stormont By Sean Matgamna The Six Counties of Northern Ireland will leave the European Union on 29 March if the UK does. Yet a 56%-44% majority in Northern Ireland voted against Brexit. Those who had been brought up Protestant voted 60%-40% for Brexit, those brought up Catholic 85%-15% against. There is … Continue reading Brexit and collapse of Executive point to a United Ireland


A long-time friend and comrade writes to Jeremy Corbyn

Joan Twelves, former leader of Lambeth council and a long-time friend of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, sent this letter to the leader on Monday. Originally published here Dear Jeremy, I was appalled to wake up to hear the Tory spin that you might accept the paltry concessions offered by the PM to push Brexit through … Continue reading A long-time friend and comrade writes to Jeremy Corbyn

China: 10 million Uighurs face state terror

A police checkpoint in Kashgar, a city in Xinjiang Jen Kirby, writing for American news website Vox, has described the system of surveillance and repression in Xinjiang put into place since 2016, when Chen Quanguo was appointed head of the regional government. Xinjiang, in the north west of China, is home to ten million Uighur Muslim … Continue reading China: 10 million Uighurs face state terror

Ian Birchall on Colin Barker

Ian Birchall  at the r21 website, remembers the life of revolutionary socialist Colin Barker. Apart from the retailing of the traditional SWP line on Workers' Fight which is simply dishonest, Birchall's obit contains some warm personal remembrances and interesting material on tensions within the SWP: Colin (third from right) on an anti-fascist demonstration in Manchester in 2005.Colin Barker, … Continue reading Ian Birchall on Colin Barker

Fetishizing Brexit’s ‘working class rage’

By Camilla Bassi (at Anaemic On A Bike) Common sense is not a single unique conception, identical in time and space. It is the ‘folklore’ of philosophy, and, like folklore, it takes countless different forms. Its most fundamental characteristic is that it is a conception which, even in the brain of one individual, is fragmentary, … Continue reading Fetishizing Brexit’s ‘working class rage’

Corbyn’s Brexit betrayal

Jeremy Corbyn has written to Theresa May offering to help her make Brexit happen. In a  letter delivered yesterday he has shifted his red lines and offered May a Commons majority to leave the EU if she accepts his "negotiating objectives". It's enraged some Labour MPs and will certainly enrage and/or demoralise the majority of the party's membership who want Corbyn to stop … Continue reading Corbyn’s Brexit betrayal

Socialists and the fight for democracy in Venezuela

From the US (nothing to do with the British SWP): The U.S. and its allies are increasing the pressure against the Venezuelan government after National Assembly President Juan Guaidó declared himself to be president of the country against the elected President Nicolás Maduro last month. Gonzalo Gómez is a Venezuelan revolutionary, member of the … Continue reading Socialists and the fight for democracy in Venezuela