After 12 December: what next for the left?

From Workers Liberty: If Labour wins a majority government, some activists will think or semi-think “job done”. There will be a feeling we have navigated deadly rapids to a place of a safety. But in fact the struggle will likely intensify, and become harder. Labour’s manifesto proposes only moderately higher taxes on the best-off, and … Continue reading After 12 December: what next for the left?

What else are the Tories hiding?

Above: Andrew Neil issues his challenge By Sienna Rodgers (of LabourList) Labour complained to the BBC about its “slanted and biased” coverage of the general election yesterday. In a letter to the Director General, campaign chief Andrew Gwynne accused the organisation of a “worrying failure” to meet its obligations around “fairness and impartiality” in terms of … Continue reading What else are the Tories hiding?

Sanders, Debs and the lessons of 1920

By Eric Lee Earlier this year, a photograph made the rounds on the Internet. It showed Bernie Sanders meeting a young supporter in Iowa. Bernie is smiling and pointing to the young man’s t-shirt. On the t-shirt, it says “Listen here, Bud, America deserved 9/11.” The photo was a fake. In the real image, the … Continue reading Sanders, Debs and the lessons of 1920

Morning Star article threatens Jews

Whether or not Chief Rabbi Mirvis is a Tory is not the issue. His attack on Labour over antisemitism spoke to a real problem. Even the Morning Star, in a rambling, incoherent editorial (in the 27 November print edition but not on their website) noted that a 2018 poll conducted for the Jewish Chronicle “said more … Continue reading Morning Star article threatens Jews

Labour’s climate policy: the fine print

By Misha Zubrowski The environmental section of Labour’s manifesto is more ambitious than previous policy announcements, but less so than sections of the policy passed at this year’s Labour conference. It has received much hype but less attention to detail. This article unpicks some of the finer points. The rhetoric, at least to start, seems … Continue reading Labour’s climate policy: the fine print

Johnson’s Channel 4 absolute melt

By Elliot Chappell (LabourList) Last night, Boris Johnson threw his toys out of the pram. According to an anonymous Tory source, his party threatened to review Channel 4's license after the broadcaster refused to allow Michael Gove to substitute for him in the climate debate. He also bizarrely sent his dad along to argue the case. That's … Continue reading Johnson’s Channel 4 absolute melt

Black Friday and the folly of anti-consumerism

By Eduardo Tovar In the US, Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November). The day revolves around large discounts in shops. Black Friday sales are notorious for the levels of chaos or even violence that occur as crowds pour into the shops and scramble for the discounted goods. To take … Continue reading Black Friday and the folly of anti-consumerism