Heading for The Purge?

Guest post by Johnny Lewis For those who don’t know, The Purge is  a T.V. dystopian franchise about an annual national holiday - the Purge, in which all crimes, including murder, are legal for a 12-hour period and where the rich hunt down or buy the poor for their fun. What links this fantasy to … Continue reading Heading for The Purge?

Hate goes mainstream – thanks to Brexit

Andrew Coates (at Tendance Coatsey) reports: “Brexit has both marginalised the far right but also contributed to the mainstreaming of some far-right notions around immigration and identity.” Brexit making far-right ideas mainstream, major report finds The Independent: ‘Cordon sanitaire’ keeping far-right discourse out of mainstream politics has collapsed, Hope Not Hate says Brexit is causing far-right views … Continue reading Hate goes mainstream – thanks to Brexit

The Tories’ war on the civil service: what should socialists say?

Sir Philip Rutnam and Priti Patel found themselves at loggerheads. Photograph: Photoshot and PADave K writes: Comrades will be aware of the battle between Priti Patel (backed, for now, by the government as a whole), and the civil service. On a basic Trade Union level we should be against the bullying and constructive dismissal of even … Continue reading The Tories’ war on the civil service: what should socialists say?

Unison protests Morning Star transphobia

From Unison's Facebook page: Letter on behalf of UNISON’s presidential team and general secretary regarding the shocking, vile, transphobic cartoon that appeared in the Morning Star last week: Following the appearance of a transphobic cartoon in the Morning Star last week (Tuesday 18 February), UNISON received many emails and calls from members across the union. A letter … Continue reading Unison protests Morning Star transphobia

Sabisky: a true disciple of Cummings

From the Observer, October 12, 2013: Michael Gove urged to reject 'chilling views' of his special adviser  Education secretary Michael Gove, left, with policy adviser Dominic Cummings. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images Michael Gove is under pressure to distance himself from his closest policy adviser after he wrote that most teachers were "mediocre" and claimed that a child's … Continue reading Sabisky: a true disciple of Cummings

Sabisky: Johnson stands by a racist

Above: two creatures of Cummings' The significance of the Sabisky affair is not so much the ignorance and eccentricity of this particular Cummings protege, but the fact that Johnson refused to comment. He plainly intended to follow the Trump example, and simply ignore "liberal" outrage. The charlatan-PM's spokesman repeatedly refused to say whether his boss … Continue reading Sabisky: Johnson stands by a racist

Why we should object to ‘identity politics’ – and why not

Ever since the 2016 referendum, pro-Brexit 'leftists', like the Morning Star have identified a new and despicable force, threatening working class unity and making rational debate impossible: identity politics (sometimes also known as the “culture war” and, more recently, by the single word “woke”). A Morning Star editorial (2 Sep 2019) playing down the significance … Continue reading Why we should object to ‘identity politics’ – and why not