Andrew Murray: good riddance

Above: Milne, Murray and Murphy By Martin Thomas On Wednesday 19 February 2020, the Financial Times reported that Andrew Murray had resigned from his job in the Labour Party "Leader's Office". His associate Karie Murphy has already been lined up to go to the House of Lords. We still don't know whether Seumas Milne, the … Continue reading Andrew Murray: good riddance

Three decades of Socialist Worker on antisemitism

Socialist Worker says Israel is the West's "attack dog" - and it's "got to go" - but provides little detail about how Israel is to be abolished, and by whom. By Dale Street When Sunderland Polytechnic Students Union (SPSU) banned a campus Jewish Society in 1985, Socialist Worker (weekly newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party) … Continue reading Three decades of Socialist Worker on antisemitism

On Holocaust Memorial Day: 21 lies the “Holocaust-mitigator” left tells itself on Israel/Palestine

By Sean Matgamna A central fact of our political situation is that the left, especially the ostensible revolutionary left, is a major source of antisemitism — they say “anti-Zionism” — in the country and in the labour movement, including the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has admitted that there are pockets of antisemitism in the Labour … Continue reading On Holocaust Memorial Day: 21 lies the “Holocaust-mitigator” left tells itself on Israel/Palestine

The Board of Deputies’ Ten Pledges

Some would-be lefties and anti-Zionists are livid that all the Labour leadership candidates, including Rebecca Long Bailey, have signed up to the Jewish Board Of Deputies' Ten Pledges. Good. It's good that these people are annoyed and good that the candidates feel the need to demonstrate that they take antisemitism seriously and recognise that it's … Continue reading The Board of Deputies’ Ten Pledges

The politics of Jewish victimization

People gathered for a news conference discussing the man accused of stabbing five Jewish people at a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, N.Y. Picture: Yana Paskova for The New York Times By Barry Finger Orthodox Jews in the New York metropolitan area alone have been the victims of no less than a dozen attacks in the … Continue reading The politics of Jewish victimization

Morning Star article threatens Jews

Whether or not Chief Rabbi Mirvis is a Tory is not the issue. His attack on Labour over antisemitism spoke to a real problem. Even the Morning Star, in a rambling, incoherent editorial (in the 27 November print edition but not on their website) noted that a 2018 poll conducted for the Jewish Chronicle “said more … Continue reading Morning Star article threatens Jews

Corbyn, the Chief Rabbi and antisemitism

Above: Jeremy Corbyn and Ephraim Mirvis at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Whitehall. The Chief Rabbi says that the Labour leader’s claim to have dealt with all allegations of antisemitism is “a mendacious fiction” PAUL MARRIOTT/ALAMY Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is certainly a small-'c' conservative on both political and theological matters. And he congratulated Boris … Continue reading Corbyn, the Chief Rabbi and antisemitism