Brexit day, the Labour Party and the Left

A personal view from Andrew Coates (first published at his blog, Tendance Coatesy): “Newly dominant reactionary forces call for the undermining trade pacts and presaging trade wars, denouncing supranational institutions and cosmopolitan elites, while stoking the flames of racism and violence against migrants. Even some on the left, some herald a renewed national sovereignty to … Continue reading Brexit day, the Labour Party and the Left

“Left” Brexiteers re-write history

Morning Star / CPB: campaigning for no-deal Monday’s Morning Star carried a stern warning: “Divergence from European Union rules, as announced by the Tory government yesterday, could be welcome but is unlikely to benefit working people unless a left-led government is elected, communists said yesterday. “Communist Party of Britain general secretary Robert Griffiths warned that … Continue reading “Left” Brexiteers re-write history

The ‘Lexit’ road to English patriotism

From Socialist Resistance: English patriotism is good, Scottish nationalism is a dead end – according to the Morning Star, writes Andy Stowe. From the Soviet “theory” of socialism in one country to Kim Il Sung’s fantasy of Juche self-reliance in North Korea, Stalinism has always had a predilection for nationalism.  And now that Boris Johnson is about … Continue reading The ‘Lexit’ road to English patriotism

The “Scottish Labour Open Letter”: the most incoherent suicide note in history?

Above: Alison Evison backs a second referendum on Scottish independence By Dale Street The Scottish Labour left has been presented with a new hero of the class struggle: Alison Evison. Evison is the sole Labour member of Aberdeenshire Council. She is also Deputy Leader of the Council Opposition Alliance (consisting almost entirely of SNP councillors), … Continue reading The “Scottish Labour Open Letter”: the most incoherent suicide note in history?

The selective amnesia of the Morning Star

This weekend's Morning Star is celebrating 90 years of publication (it began as the Daily Worker in January 1930). For those who don't know, the paper (despite claims to be run by "the People's Press Printing Society") has always been controlled by the British Communist Party (CPGB, now CPB). The present weekend edition gives readers … Continue reading The selective amnesia of the Morning Star

Why Labour slumped in Scotland

Above: the SNP celebrating its victory in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin By Anne Field In the 2019 general election the SNP won more seats, more votes, and a higher share of the vote on a higher turnout than it did in 2017. The number of SNP MPs increased from 35 to 48. It picked up … Continue reading Why Labour slumped in Scotland

Populism: a dead end for the left

Above: Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left) By Eduardo Tovar In recent decades, there has been much discussion of “populism” as newly significant form of political movement. Some on the left even say we should embrace it. Admittedly, there are major conceptual difficulties when discussing “populism”. Even if we limit ourselves to examples on the ostensible left, movements … Continue reading Populism: a dead end for the left