The “Scottish Labour Open Letter”: the most incoherent suicide note in history?

Above: Alison Evison backs a second referendum on Scottish independence By Dale Street The Scottish Labour left has been presented with a new hero of the class struggle: Alison Evison. Evison is the sole Labour member of Aberdeenshire Council. She is also Deputy Leader of the Council Opposition Alliance (consisting almost entirely of SNP councillors), … Continue reading The “Scottish Labour Open Letter”: the most incoherent suicide note in history?

Why Labour slumped in Scotland

Above: the SNP celebrating its victory in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin By Anne Field In the 2019 general election the SNP won more seats, more votes, and a higher share of the vote on a higher turnout than it did in 2017. The number of SNP MPs increased from 35 to 48. It picked up … Continue reading Why Labour slumped in Scotland

The general election in Scotland

By Dale Street Speaking at the #indyref2020 rally in Glasgow on 2nd November, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon pledged that there would be another referendum on Scottish independence in 2020. This was the first pro-independence rally to have been addressed by Sturgeon since the run-up to the 2014 referendum. But it was not the first time … Continue reading The general election in Scotland

Scottish Labour Right Wing: Under the Butcher’s Apron

By Anne Field In 2014 the Scottish Labour Party (SLP) right wing virtually destroyed Labour in Scotland by allying with the Tories in ‘Better Together’. Now, in 2019, they’re back for a repeat performance. The 2014 class collaboration with the Tories resulted in: the loss of 40 out of 41 Westminster seats in 2015; the … Continue reading Scottish Labour Right Wing: Under the Butcher’s Apron

Labour in Scotland: a preordained defeat

Above: Richard Leonard By Ann Field In Scotland Labour’s share of the vote in last Thursday’s EU election slumped to just over 9%, costing it both its sitting MEPs. It came fifth overall, just one percentage point ahead of the Greens. In 2014 Scottish Labour had won 26% of the vote. In some local authority … Continue reading Labour in Scotland: a preordained defeat

A Stir in the Suburbs

By KB Player: A question – does pro-Palestinian activism make people barmy or are barmy people attracted to pro-Palestinian activism? Here’s a case. I live on the western side of Edinburgh, in a suburb called Roseburn, and I follow the Friends of Roseburn Park Facebook page. A post caught my eye. It was advertising a … Continue reading A Stir in the Suburbs

Why the GMB rejected Peter Gregson’s appeal

Above: Gregson with Rabbi Aharon Cohen of Neturei Karta, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group which opposes the existence of Israel and argues that Jews "deserved" the Holocaust By Dale Street Shop steward Peter Gregson’s appeal against expulsion from the GMB trade union was rejected last Wednesday (6th March). Last year a GMB disciplinary hearing had concluded … Continue reading Why the GMB rejected Peter Gregson’s appeal