The Second ‘Deal of the Century’

Above: Olmert, Condoleezza Rice and Mohammed Abbas in 2008 By Barry Finger The Israeli left is not in decline merely due to an overabundance of ineptitude. Nor because of the violence of the second Intifada, or the ill will of a Mizrahi majority to the plight of Palestinians in whose cause they were cruelly scapegoated. … Continue reading The Second ‘Deal of the Century’

No to Trump’s phony ‘Deal of the Century’!

From a piece in the present edition of Solidarity and the Workers Liberty website (adapted and updated by JD): Donald Trump, side-by-side with Israel’s openly gloating prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced his long-touted “Deal of the Century” plan  for Israel-Palestine, giving Israel full control of the settlements with Jerusalem as its undivided capital. “For … Continue reading No to Trump’s phony ‘Deal of the Century’!

Blowback in Iran

Iranian students demonstrate following a tribute to the victims of a Ukraine International Airlines crash, in front of Amirkabir University in Tehran, Jan. 11, 2020. Police later dispersed students chanting what were seen as "radical" slogans. One of the proudest achievements of Shiraz Socialist (at the Old Place) was to have debunked and discredited the … Continue reading Blowback in Iran

Soleimani assassination and the danger of war: what socialists in the region have to say

Unlike the UK Stop the War group (uncritical apologists for the Iranian regime), the Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists, about whom we at Shiraz know next to nothing, are able to simultaneously condemn Trump's reckless belligerence and  and the repression of democratic forces by Iran and other regional imperialist powers: Oppose U.S. … Continue reading Soleimani assassination and the danger of war: what socialists in the region have to say

CounterVortex podcast: against the global detention state

By Bill Weinberg (at CounterVortex) In Episode 45 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg notes with alarm the rapid consolidation of a global detention state, extending across borders and rival power blocs. In the United States, Trump moves toward indefinite detention of undocumented migrants, with horrific rights abuses widespread in the fast-expanding camp system. In … Continue reading CounterVortex podcast: against the global detention state

On the Turkish offensive on north-eastern Syria

Excellent post on from Leila on the latest – Trump-induced – stage of the Syrian tragedy:

Leila's blog

EGghDIpX0AEU5Se Syrians flee their homes amid Turkish bombardment. Photo credit: Delil Souleiman/AFP

The recent Turkish offensive on north-eastern Syria and US withdrawal of troops from the region is unleashing yet another humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions.

In the past few days over 130,000 Syrians have fled for their lives, in desperate search of safety. Dozens of civilians have been killed by Turkish bombs and assassinations by Turkish allied militias. Among the chaos ISIS prisoners have broken out of detention camps and are now running free – many of them foreigners, including children, whose respective states have refused to take responsibility for their nationals.

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American Democracy at a Crossroad?

Cartoon: Chris Riddell, the Observer By Barry Finger As impeachment inquiries unfold, a nagging question plagues American democracy with renewed urgency: Can Trump in fact be removed from office, either electorally or procedurally? Lest anyone dismiss such apprehensions as an indulgence in left paranoia, consider this. In the 2016 presidential debate, Trump refused to say … Continue reading American Democracy at a Crossroad?