Graham Stevenson and Tom Cashman: two class warriors (and friends)

  Graham Stevenson Some people have expressed surprise at this blog's warm appreciation of the late Graham Stevenson, a Communist Party member and former T&GWU/Unite full-timer. But, as we said, Graham was a decent, non-sectarian, totally committed and thoroughly honest comrade and - in particular - he worked closely with the Workers Liberty supporter and … Continue reading Graham Stevenson and Tom Cashman: two class warriors (and friends)

A Stir in the Suburbs

By KB Player: A question – does pro-Palestinian activism make people barmy or are barmy people attracted to pro-Palestinian activism? Here’s a case. I live on the western side of Edinburgh, in a suburb called Roseburn, and I follow the Friends of Roseburn Park Facebook page. A post caught my eye. It was advertising a … Continue reading A Stir in the Suburbs

I have a right because I have

Rosie Bell writes: I’d been having thoughts about the “right” to own a car and a place to park it. Two things I’d observed:- A friend who loves to do up classic cars– ahh if the only car owners were those who really did love automobiles. Loki the Scottish rapper, winner of the Orwell prize … Continue reading I have a right because I have