Andrew Murray: good riddance

Above: Milne, Murray and Murphy By Martin Thomas On Wednesday 19 February 2020, the Financial Times reported that Andrew Murray had resigned from his job in the Labour Party "Leader's Office". His associate Karie Murphy has already been lined up to go to the House of Lords. We still don't know whether Seumas Milne, the … Continue reading Andrew Murray: good riddance

Alan Simpson lays into the Stalinist “cabal” who led Labour to catastrophic defeat

Above: Seumas Milne and Karie Murphy (PA/AFR via Getty) Alan Simpson, the respected former MP and loyal friend to Jeremy Corbyn, has laid into the Stalinist factionists who ran Corbyn's office (LOTO) and Labour’s election campaign. The background is in a post on his blog in January. Après le déluge January the 9th. Corbyn inherited … Continue reading Alan Simpson lays into the Stalinist “cabal” who led Labour to catastrophic defeat

Why we should object to ‘identity politics’ – and why not

Ever since the 2016 referendum, pro-Brexit 'leftists', like the Morning Star have identified a new and despicable force, threatening working class unity and making rational debate impossible: identity politics (sometimes also known as the “culture war” and, more recently, by the single word “woke”). A Morning Star editorial (2 Sep 2019) playing down the significance … Continue reading Why we should object to ‘identity politics’ – and why not

The coronavirus emergency and China’s response

Above: Travellers in China being screened The coronavirus epidemic is still largely confined to the Chinese city of Wuhan, but travellers from there have been falling ill elsewhere (including in the UK) and fears are rising that it could become a world-wide health emergency. China initially won plaudits for its massive mobilisation against the virus, … Continue reading The coronavirus emergency and China’s response

“Left” Brexiteers re-write history

Morning Star / CPB: campaigning for no-deal Monday’s Morning Star carried a stern warning: “Divergence from European Union rules, as announced by the Tory government yesterday, could be welcome but is unlikely to benefit working people unless a left-led government is elected, communists said yesterday. “Communist Party of Britain general secretary Robert Griffiths warned that … Continue reading “Left” Brexiteers re-write history

The ‘Lexit’ road to English patriotism

From Socialist Resistance: English patriotism is good, Scottish nationalism is a dead end – according to the Morning Star, writes Andy Stowe. From the Soviet “theory” of socialism in one country to Kim Il Sung’s fantasy of Juche self-reliance in North Korea, Stalinism has always had a predilection for nationalism.  And now that Boris Johnson is about … Continue reading The ‘Lexit’ road to English patriotism

The selective amnesia of the Morning Star

This weekend's Morning Star is celebrating 90 years of publication (it began as the Daily Worker in January 1930). For those who don't know, the paper (despite claims to be run by "the People's Press Printing Society") has always been controlled by the British Communist Party (CPGB, now CPB). The present weekend edition gives readers … Continue reading The selective amnesia of the Morning Star