Sabisky: Johnson stands by a racist

Above: two creatures of Cummings' The significance of the Sabisky affair is not so much the ignorance and eccentricity of this particular Cummings protege, but the fact that Johnson refused to comment. He plainly intended to follow the Trump example, and simply ignore "liberal" outrage. The charlatan-PM's spokesman repeatedly refused to say whether his boss … Continue reading Sabisky: Johnson stands by a racist

Exit Phillips: then there were four

As everyone will know by now, Jess Phillips has pulled out of the leadership campaign, saying she wasn't the person to unite the Labour Party. Phillips said: “I truly believe that unless we talk to the country on their terms, not just on ours, that we won’t be able to make the gains we need … Continue reading Exit Phillips: then there were four

Abolish the monarchy!

Andrew Windsor with his friend Epstein The extraordinarily negative response - even from the right wing press - to Andrew Windsor's performance during his "car-crash" interview with BBC TV Newsnight's Emily Maitlis, should help us raise the question of why the monarchy even exists. It was an exchange that summed up the grotesque arrogance of Mr Windsor as an individual:  his indifference to appalling sexual … Continue reading Abolish the monarchy!

Keep Galloway out: vote Labour in West Bromwich East!

Gangster chic for Galloway: how appropriate ... The loathsome Red-Brown poseur George Galloway, friend of dictators everywhere, is standing as the pro-Brexit (and supposedly pro-Corbyn!) candidate in West Bromwich East. The scumbag announced his candidature well before the constituency's MP Tom Watson stood down. Watson, of course, was not popular on the Labour left and positively hated … Continue reading Keep Galloway out: vote Labour in West Bromwich East!

Some questions for Salma Yaqoob

April, 2010: Respect leader (at the time) Salma Yaqoob’s campaign in Birmingham Hall Green. The former leader of the Respect Party, Salma Yaqoob, has emerged from a period of relative obscurity and has evidently become a member of the Labour party. She has also put herself forward for the Labour candidacy in the West Midlands … Continue reading Some questions for Salma Yaqoob

Nailard -v- Unite latest: Murray guilty of ‘harassment’

This shameful (for Unite) case has been dragging on for several years. We covered it in some detail here. The latest stage was a liability/remedy hearing in July of this year. The judgement has just been published. The Sunday Times carried an article yesterday (unfortunately, behind their paywall). Quote from the article: The latest hearing centred on the role of … Continue reading Nailard -v- Unite latest: Murray guilty of ‘harassment’

Trump-Taliban schmooze: don’t call it ‘peace’

Above: Taliban treatment of women By Bill Weinberg (at Countervortex) The utterly surreal news that Taliban leaders were invited to Camp David—a week before the 9-11 commemoration, no less!—will further fuel the perverse fantasy that Trump is a hippie pacifist. So it is almost comforting that the meeting was axed, and on the 9-11 commemoration in Washington, Trump was … Continue reading Trump-Taliban schmooze: don’t call it ‘peace’