Stop West Bank annexation!

On Saturday 1 February, some 2,000 Israelis, Jews and Arabs, demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the “Trump plan” for Israel-Palestine, and the threats by leading Israeli politicians Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz to use the “plan” as licence to move quickly to annex large areas of the West Bank. According to the Israeli press, the … Continue reading Stop West Bank annexation!

The Second ‘Deal of the Century’

Above: Olmert, Condoleezza Rice and Mohammed Abbas in 2008 By Barry Finger The Israeli left is not in decline merely due to an overabundance of ineptitude. Nor because of the violence of the second Intifada, or the ill will of a Mizrahi majority to the plight of Palestinians in whose cause they were cruelly scapegoated. … Continue reading The Second ‘Deal of the Century’

No to Trump’s phony ‘Deal of the Century’!

From a piece in the present edition of Solidarity and the Workers Liberty website (adapted and updated by JD): Donald Trump, side-by-side with Israel’s openly gloating prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced his long-touted “Deal of the Century” plan  for Israel-Palestine, giving Israel full control of the settlements with Jerusalem as its undivided capital. “For … Continue reading No to Trump’s phony ‘Deal of the Century’!

Taiwan repudiates fascist world order

By Bill Weinberg (at Countervortex) Following a bitter campaign dominated by “fake news” generated from China and punctuated by sexist personal attacks on President Tsai Ing-wen, the incumbent was re-elected in the Jan. 11 race, overwhelmingly defeating her main challenger, Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu of the Kuomintang (KMT). Tsai, of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), received 8.17 … Continue reading Taiwan repudiates fascist world order

Blowback in Iran

Iranian students demonstrate following a tribute to the victims of a Ukraine International Airlines crash, in front of Amirkabir University in Tehran, Jan. 11, 2020. Police later dispersed students chanting what were seen as "radical" slogans. One of the proudest achievements of Shiraz Socialist (at the Old Place) was to have debunked and discredited the … Continue reading Blowback in Iran

The ‘Lexit’ road to English patriotism

From Socialist Resistance: English patriotism is good, Scottish nationalism is a dead end – according to the Morning Star, writes Andy Stowe. From the Soviet “theory” of socialism in one country to Kim Il Sung’s fantasy of Juche self-reliance in North Korea, Stalinism has always had a predilection for nationalism.  And now that Boris Johnson is about … Continue reading The ‘Lexit’ road to English patriotism

Soleimani assassination and the danger of war: what socialists in the region have to say

Unlike the UK Stop the War group (uncritical apologists for the Iranian regime), the Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists, about whom we at Shiraz know next to nothing, are able to simultaneously condemn Trump's reckless belligerence and  and the repression of democratic forces by Iran and other regional imperialist powers: Oppose U.S. … Continue reading Soleimani assassination and the danger of war: what socialists in the region have to say