Kate Hoey and Claire Fox to the House of Lords – Johnson rewards his Brexiteer chums

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By Andrew Coates

Kate Hoey and Claire Fox in the House of Lords: Two Old Marxist Comrades Take the Ermine.

Claire Fox: the BBC is the 'woke' channel

Bless You Your Ladyships!

Claire Fox and Kate Hoey amongst Brexiteers to receive peerages

Kate Hoey (who claims to have been in the International Marxist Group) and Claire Fox (who definitely was a leading figure in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) are now Peers in the House of Lords.

We – the Trainspotters’ CC –  have had learned discussion on Hoey’s association with the IMG . The most reliable sources suggest she was a “contact”.

This is the claim,

Living in London in the early 1970s she became a vice-president of the NUS.[Jack Straw was NUS president at the time]. Returning from an overseas conference, she found herself sitting next to Tariq Ali on the plane. Tariq persuaded her to join the IMG, which she did in summer 1971.

In subsequent years she used to muddy this connection by claiming that she was in the Spartacus League, a short lived youth wing of the IMG. *She was never at ease with the Irish Republican Trotskyism of the IMG and was also very inimical to Gery Lawless an IMG member at the time.

She felt that having Lawless as a member discredited the IMG. Under the influence of Brian Trench [political influence of course!] she joined the IS in 1972 but her stay there was also limited.

She joined Hackney Labour party and supported the Troops Out Movement for a period before becoming a supporter of the BICO front organisation, Campaign for Labour Representation in Northern Ireland.

Nowadays the IPR group are quiet hostile to her,dubbing her TallyHoey in a recent article!

*  Not to be confused with The Spartacist League of Britain, an offshoot of the  James Robertson (1928 – 2019) International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist).


This is what she now says of this experience, (2nd of January 2016. Guardian)

She also became vice-president of the National Union of Students, and was briefly was a member of the International Marxist Group, because it “probably had better-looking young men” than other radical-left groups.

As ex-IMG myself I cannot disagree with that!

Fox, a graduate of this Blogger’s old Uni, Warwick, has left many traces, and there  is little doubt about her background. Or her middle name, which JR informs us is Regina. There are plenty of people ready to speak about the well-paid public face of the Red-Brown Star of the Spiked-Brexit Party alliance. She has plenty of platforms already to give her side of the  story, from BBC Radio Four to a frequent, dimming, presence on Sky News Press Review.

There are many RCP haters around, but before signaling our close comrades here is Otto English on form.,

Otto English smells something in the air tonight…

But readers of Byline Times will remember that, when Fox became a Brexit Party candidate in the 2019 EU Elections, we raised some serious questions about her suitability as a politician.

For two decades, Fox was a key member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a fringe hard-left group formed in the late 1970s. I came up close and personal with the RCP myself while a student at the University of Kent, where many of its key personnel taught or studied and it was nothing short of a cult. The group was committed to the IRA struggle and, using front organisations – including notably the Irish Freedom Movement – it pushed the cause, while apologising for its very many violent excesses.

In 1993, the IRA targeted the town of Warrington and, in the resulting terrorist attack, two children were killed. One of them, Johnathan Ball was just three. The other, Tim Parry, 12. This revolting act of murder was met with almost universal revulsion. Even in hardened republican circles it was condemned. But the Irish Freedom Movement and RCP defended it saying that “the right of the Irish people to take whatever measures in their struggle for freedom” was justified.

Incredibly, Claire Fox was selected by the Brexit Party as one of its candidates for North-West England – a region that includes Warrington. Calls from her own party rank-and-file and from Tim Parry’s father Colin to apologise for her past position on IRA terror fell on deaf ears until she was eventually ordered by Brexit Party leaders to ring Mr Parry and say sorry. She did ring Mr Parry, but still failed to recant her position.

Clearly the patriots of the North-West didn’t notice any of this as they roundly elected her to be one of their MEPs.

Fox’s key role in the RCP was a co-publisher of Living Marxism (LM) magazine – a glossy monthly that eventually folded in 2000 after losing a libel action brought by ITN. LM, which was supportive of many a despicable regime – including Serbia – had claimed in an article titled ‘The Picture that Fooled the World’ that photos of a camp at Trnopolje had effectively been staged.

Views on Monarchy and the House of Lords:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

I’d add that I distinctly recall Fox being bombastic about her support for the the anti-monarchy Levellers, and the  radical republican wing of Chartism not very long ago.

The Cds in full throttle:

More to follow….

The pattern of rewards for Leavers, or Leavings, is one side of the Peerage scandal.

Then there is this:

12 thoughts on “Kate Hoey and Claire Fox to the House of Lords – Johnson rewards his Brexiteer chums

      1. Perhaps a measure of the extent to which certain ‘Labour’ characters are prepared to betray their stated roots lies in the receipt of ‘honours’ from those without honour.


      2. Kate Hoey was more of a socialist than any of you lot. She opposed the EU corrupt Mafia capitalist mob of criminals.


      3. In fairness you really know nothing about my socialist credentials, nor apparently do you know much about Hoey’s spin on the EU.


  1. Hoey’s spin was to leave the corrupt EU. And it helped. Your so called socialist credentials have not really produced much for the real working class!


  2. Mr ‘Goerge’ is actually the silly and slightly deranged Mr Gelsga in tedious and ridiculous disguise. The garbled syntax, solecisms and bellicose xenophobia are a dead give away.


    1. Whoever Goerge happens to be it very quickly becomes clear that he (or she, I guess) manifests very much as a waste of a point of debate. Perhaps Goerge has been listening too much to a Mr Trump.


    2. Is that the words you use when looking down on the working class. Makes you feel better I suppose in your failed middle class life.


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