Typo excuse to remember Don Rendell

Above: from the 1964 album  by the Rendell-Carr Quintet: Shades Of Blue

Chris Searle’s perceptive jazz reviews are by far the beat writing in the Morning Star, so it was unfortunate that he had to write in to correct a highly embarrassing typo for which (obviously) he was in no was responsible. Or perhaps not: it has drawn attention to a marvellous and, these days, largely overlooked British jazz musician and given me an excuse to draw your attention to his music:

Sincere apologies for terrible error

IN 40 years of writing for our Morning Star on various subjects, I’ve been involved in the occasional tyographical howler. But none so grotesque as that within my jazz column of yesterday, reviewing the new album of reissues of Joe Harriott recordings called Helter Skelter, when the word “tenorist” — meaning “tenor saxophonist,” referring to the late British virtuososo Don Rendell, was mistakenly printed as “terrorist.”

My sincere apologies to all readers, jazz-lovers and, of course, especially, to Don’s family and friends. Nothing, and certainly not erroneous typology, could ever detract from the power and creative beauty of the Rendell sound and musicianship.

Above: You Stepped Out Of A Dream from the 1954-5 LP Meet Don Rendell


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